Don’t Panic! Keeping calm in front of the kids

Well, it’s affected almost all of us. The economy and the stress that follows us through our days. We seem to have shorter fuses and our laughs seem to have turned into worry. It’s one thing to go through this alone, but when you have a family, the last thing you need is to add guilt to the list of our ever changing emotions. So what can we do to not only get through this tough time but maybe come out better on the other side? Aside from ‘fake it til you make it’ which I am always a big believer in, there are some things you and your family can do to make things easier and help the children understand better.

Despite our own panic, we first need to help our children understand the basics of what is happening, simple terms are best. This will help them when they see us upset or worrying about things. They need to know that while things are changing in the economy, they will always be taken care of and kept safe. Try to include them in saving. Make it a family affair or game so they feel in control as well. Another way to help a child realize they can be productive and save money at the same time is to plant a garden. It can be as small as a window garden, or as large as you have room for in your yard. Every child loves to make things grow and if your child never liked fruits and vegetables before, you will be amazed how that can change just from them growing the goods themselves. Let them have a say in all of it, from the planning to the digging to the eating!

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