Don’t Hate The Shake! Women With Eating Disorders Celebrate Their Body Confidence In This Clip

Am I confident with the way my body looks? Honestly, not all the time but I’ve noticed that with age I seem to be caring less and less about what people think about my appearance. I mean, I’m not perfect but I did give birth to two beautiful, healthy children, so that’s close enough!

Either way, I love this new movement going on with more and more women learning how to accept their bodies just the way they are. Not every woman was born to look like Gisele Bundchen, and not every woman wants to be like her, either. We have so many definitions of what “beautiful” looks like these days that everyone can finally feel like their version of a supermodel in their own skin.

Check out this new clip called “Don’t Hate The Shake” in which curvy women from all over the world celebrate their feminine curves while also promoting body confidence. Many of these women have survived eating disorders or simply have not felt comfortable with their appearance. It’s great seeing them dancing like no one is looking. It’s all about empowering both women and men to stop being ashamed of their bodies. It’s pretty awesome!

Source via YouTube


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