Don't discipline my kid!

There have been several situations in my life where people including family members have felt the need to discipline my son.  It has not been pretty on a couple occasions and if you want to piss me me off…….PLEASE! If I am not around or you are “babysitting” then I would expect you to discipline my child if they are out of line as I would do the same for someone else’s child. But when I am right there, what gives ANYONE the right to take over my job? Trust me, I’m not a passive or shy parent and I don’t let things get by, so don’t ever step on my toes or you will be in the line of fire! If there is something that I happened to miss, please feel free to bring it to my attention, I happen to be completely confident in my parenting techniques and don’t need any ones assistance in this department, thank you very much. If I want advise, I will ask for it. Otherwise, you do your job and I will do mine.  Sorry just how I feel!

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