Domestic Abuse Survivor Receives A Powerful Haircut To Signify Her New Start

Such a powerful story

Survivors of domestic abuse are feeling more empowered than ever to step forward and start anew. In recent months we’ve seen the #metoo movement explode. Women around the globe including A list celebrities are sharing their own painful stories. Women from all walks of life are sharing how they have been abused at work or in domestic situations to let other women know they aren’t alone.

Sadly we have yet to see if this will actually change the cycle of abuse for many of these women. Hopefully it helps in giving them the strength to speak out and get help. Too many women suffer in silence, never getting the aid they deserve.

For women who are victims of domestic abuse it’s often hard to reclaim their voice and their life. Abuse takes not only a woman’s health and well being from her, but it often takes her self esteem and her sense of security. It’s not easy for women to reclaim these without help.

One domestic abuse survivor recently got the help she needed to reclaim her own voice from an unlikely source. Barber Andy Mendoza recently shared how a haircut helped one women start a new chapter of her life.

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