This Little Girl’s Doll Obsession Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

You'll Laugh and Cry When You See It

I have two little girls, so I know a thing or two about dolls. We’ve got them all: big dolls, small dolls, baby dolls, kid dolls. We have bins and bins of clothes and shoes and accessories, and of course a few houses! When my daughters get to playing dolls, they can stay busy for hours, making up names and lives for their toys. I would not hesitate to call both of my kids doll obsessed, but their obsession isn’t creepy or weird. We can’t say the same for this little girl’s doll obsession, though.

Twitter user @SassyKattx shared a couple of pictures from her little sister’s doll collection, and let’s just say, we were not expecting to see what we saw. There’s playing with dolls, and then there’s surgically removing their faces and placing them on other dolls. We’re not if it’s more hilarious or horrifying, but we are certainly impressed with her precision! It takes real skill to perform doll surgery, and we think this little girl has a future in the operating room. It’s like the movie Face/Off, but with dolls and small children.

When you see the pictures, you’ll either laugh, or scream and cover your eyes with your hands…

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