Do You Allow Your Kids To Attend Sleepover Birthday Parties Away From Home?


During the 1980s, I almost went to every sleepover party I was invited to while in both elementary and middle school. Now mind you, this was a time before the Internet, background checks and scary stories we hear in the news and online almost everyday. Nothing terrible ever happened, I had fun hanging out with my friends and came home the next morning unscathed, if not a little high on a sugar rush caused by too much candy and cake.

Now that I’m a mother to two young children, I’m not sure that I would be as lax when it comes to birthday party sleepovers as my parents were almost three decades ago. Some people say sleepover parties are exhausting and too much work while others worry about the safety of their children and I’ll admit that I’m a bit in the middle.

But for Blogger Rebecca Woolf, she thinks “sleepunders” a great alternative to a sleepover. Here’s a little more from Yahoo Parenting:

The thing is, I LOVE having parties at night. It’s so fun and cozy for the kids. Life is so much more exciting in the dark. I SO loved night parties as a kid and feeling like I could stay up late, so I TOTALLY understood where Fable was coming from. So, we compromised and decided to have a non-sleepover sleepover. Start time: 5:30 PM, end time: 9:30 PM. All of the fun of a sleepover with none of the sleepover shenanigans.

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