Do Parents Who Like To Drink Encourage Their Teens To Drink Too? Here’s What One Mom Has To Say


I’m not a drinker. I might have one or two drinks per year (mostly for social reasons) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my life thoroughly before I had kids. It’s just that if I had to choose waking up at 6am for my kids and waking up at 6am for my kids with a hangover, I’d rather not do the latter.

But for some parents though, they are worried that their social drinking on the weekends might be impacting their kids without them even knowing it. I can’t say that this is always the case as I’ve seen children who have grown in alcoholic homes become teetotalers and vice versa. But for blogger Lisa Rabasca Roepe, she’s worried that with every sip she takes, her daughter is keeping an eye on her, and that might not be such a good thing.

Here’s what she writes:

The appreciation of good beer and wine has been part of our family culture since before she was born. I grew up in a large Italian family where the adults drank a glass of wine every night at dinner, and my husband has been brewing beer for the last 20 years. Ever since our daughter was a toddler, she has helped her dad during the brewing process by either stirring the pot, straining the hops or labeling the bottle caps.

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