Do Kids Benefit More From Smaller Families?

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As much as I would love (and I really do mean LOVE) having a third child, my husband and I know deep down inside that it would never work. We spend a lot of time with our two children as it is, and with us having to work multiple jobs trying to make our family work, another pregnancy would definitely hurt us financially. We know how much we can afford and as wonderful as it would be to have a table full of family members to enjoy the holidays with when we get older, it’s just not possible.

And apparently, more and more couples are having smaller families too, but not just because of finances. A new report that says smaller families are actually BETTER for kids in the long run. I mean, it would seem obvious that parents are capable of spending more time with just one or two kids than with five, right? There’s only so many ways you can stretch yourself thin as a parent.

Here’s a little more from Yahoo Parenting:


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