Disneyland Hotel Shows off Signature Suites

Want to see where the celebs stay when they go to Disneyland? Here’s a peek inside the posh digs offered by the Disneyland Hotel. Although it is strict hotel policy not to release specifics about their guests, we do know that the hotel has played host to dozens of celebrities and their kids, as well as many celebrity kids who act in Disney shows and movies.All of the suites have themed doorbells and spectacular views. Rates per night range from $1500 in the slower season to $4500 in peak season. The four utterly over the top Signature suites and their features are:

Mickey Mouse Amazing view of the nightly fireworks a special tv channel that syncs the music Behind-the-Mirror Television A selection of Disney/Mickey Memorabilia Cozy Luxe kid friendly atmosphere Mickey Mouse theme tiled kid’s bathroom

Big Thunder Rustic luxe with in-room hammered metal tub Kid friendly, Old West style furnishing


Adventureland Safari style tented bedroom – Romantic master bedroom with in room tub – Draped bed Indiana Jones style maps memorabilia  – and curiosities throughout Stone tiled “rain grotto” in master bath with jacuzzi steam and rain shower

Pirates of the Caribbean –  Pirate themed decor and memorabilia – Luxurious and spacious master bedroom


Ciaran Blumenfeld is a writer and designer (Little Lubbaloo, Francie Pants). Practically every tot in tinseltown has worn her creations at one time or another but she designed her lines with her own 4 adorable kids in mind. Ciaran is the founder and publisher of Momfluential Media, a site that highlights the most influential moms online.

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