This Mom Is Furious Over A Disney T-Shirt Sending The ‘Wrong’ Message

Does she have a point?

Raising our kids in this world can seem really scary at times. There is so much going on that we do not have control over and even things we do have control over does not always feel that way. If we want to raise our kids — particularly our girls — with an idea that they can do whatever they want, that has to start young. They’re bombarded with messages that in order to be female in this world, they have to fit into a certain box. That is shown time and again, often without us realizing, and can be something as small as a Disney t-shirt that makes you doubt yourself.

It might not seem like that big of a deal — that message that’s on the shirt for girls. But it really can be. We are all products of our environment and we soak everything in from a very early age. That means these subtle messages we see time and again, and have just come to expect, have an impact. And it’s important to take a look at these things and stand up when something has the potential to do harm. Yes, even a Disney t-shirt.

That’s why one mom has chosen to take a stand against a Disney t-shirt that is being sold online in the girl’s department only. The message on the shirt has the potential to keep girls down and belittles their space in the world. All this is done in only 5 words, and she’s calling the store out.

We want to know if you think this Disney t-shirt is a big no-no so read on.

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Devan McGuinness

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