Disney Just Bought Land in Anaheim, We’re Crazy, Excited!!!

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Disney fans and enthusiasts, hold on to your Minnie ears. Disney just bought Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, a LOT of land.. and  now we’re going to try and guess the reason. Are they planning to building a Marvel or Star Wars park? Introduce a brand-new park?! or something that we never saw coming??  We will have to wait to find out, because officials are keeping it a secret.

Here is what we know!!!

  • The Walt Disney Co. bought three pieces of land that was almost 15 acres.  They are “connected and sit across Harbor Boulevard from Disney California Adventure.”
  • Shanghai Disney is having a Marvel, Star Wars, and Tron attraction when the new park opens next year.  We can only hope they would want to do that here too!  Todd Regan, founder of MiceChat , said, “It’s really a no-brainer that Star Wars will take over at Disneyland, and Marvel will probably go into Disney California Adventure.”
  • The land cost a LOT, so this is definitely no joke. The LA Times reports that “Disney would not disclose how much it paid for the three parcels but property records say the total value of the land is about $60 million.”
  • We hope Disney gets the memo that we are very excited and would like Disneyland to expand with more options!


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