Disney Will Remove The Awful 20-Minute Frozen Short From Coco

People everywhere REJOICE!

Chances are if I were to say to you “let it go” out of no where with no context, your mind is going to go one place. Frozen. Yes the Disney movie that took the world by storm just a few years ago because everyone loved it. Parents thought the story line was great, it was female-centered around two kick butt ladies, there wasn’t a whole lot of annoying with it. Kids loved it because they could sing every song on the soundtrack and they instantly feel in love with all the main characters. That’s why when the news broke that there was going to be a Frozen short movie that played before Disney’s latest release, people could not contain the happy.

That is until the Frozen short was released and well, people just couldn’t let it go. 

Last week, Disney released their new highly anticipated kid’s movie that was hoping to bring them box-office and merchandise success like they saw previously with Frozen. Coco introduces us to a new world and a new bunch of characters and people were excited to see the movie. Makes total sense because Miguel, the main character, sounds like he’s easy to love and the new world of the Land of the Dead sounds amazing.

The whole story line is pure Disney sounding and it seemed like serious icing on the cake when people learned there was going to be a Frozen short movie that played before Coco starts. But, while Coco was a box office hit — and is still going strong — people hated — and I mean HAAATED — the Frozen short so much they made it known.

So much that Disney has said they’re removing — we’ve got the date and more on why it was so wildly disliked:

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Devan McGuinness

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