Devastated Mom Shares Warning After Son Was Viciously Mauled by ‘Friendly’ Dog

When I take our almost 14-year-old dog to the park, a pet-friendly restaurant or any public place, I usually like to reassure people that he’s a good old chap that would never do anyone any harm.He’s 14 after all and the only thing he really cares about these days is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But with that being said, I normally don’t allow people to get very close to him because I trust him more than I trust strangers. But as far as allowing my kids to touch other people’s dogs, I would never allow it to happen. Unfortunately one mom named Tracy Dowdy Fain learned the hard way when her son was viciously mauled by two seemingly ‘friendly’ dogs last Christmas Eve.

Tracy Dowdy Fain
Credit: Facebook / Tracy Dowdy Fain

The unthinkable happened to her son and she wants your child to stay safe!

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