Detox Tips

By: Dr. Sabena Toor

Pitcher of JuiceDetox tips. Processed food, heavy cream sauces, sugar, bread, sugar, and more bread are all staples in our society’s dietary habits. What’s easy, fast, and convenient have taken priority over what’s healthy, nutritious, and fiber filled.

When our (bad or not-so-great) dietary choices have our bodies acting sluggish and fatigued, many Americans turn to over the counter detoxifying or detox regimes for help.  Before choosing a program, Dr. Sabena Toor, a pulmonary and critical care specialist at Los Angeles’ Cedar Sinai Hospital, has helped patients with her customized detoxification programs for years. Her extensive background in Western Medicine combined with her knowledge of holistic and herbal medicine has helped people like Jennifer Aniston to structure a perfect detoxification program to best fit the patient.

Not everyone can visit Dr. Toor at her LA office (although she does counsel people over the phone), she offers some advice to those considering an over-the-counter detoxification program.

(1)  Any regime that takes less than two weeks to clean out the system is a waste of money. “You didn’t get this way in a few days,” explains Dr. Toor, “you’re not going to fix it in a short period of time. I prefer programs that take at least two weeks.”

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