Designer Creates Stunning Period-Inspired Jewelry to Fight Period Stigma

OMG, you guys. As open minded as I try to be, this is perhaps the most awkward accessories line I have ever seen. I’ll be honest, whenever I’m on my period, I’m grumpy, emotional, bloated, angry, hurt, upset, happy and sad and that’s only the first day in (just ask my husband). It is what it is and women have been dealing with this since the beginning of time! But do we really need a blood-colored jewelry line to help destigmatize menstruation. If you ask me, not really, but according to designer Lili Murphy-Johnson, she says yes.

According to the Daily Mail, the 22-year-old from London designed an entire collection of period-inspired jewelry called On the Rag, which features plenty of red gemstones, tampon charms, and even a sparkly used pantyliner that a shopper could say was a glitzy heirloom from her Aunt Flo. Just check out some of the photos below.


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