Fans Are Convinced Derick Dillard Is Cheating On Jill Duggar!

Twitter is giving him away.

The Duggar family is not new to drama and scandal. Over the past few years several members of the large family have been involved in some sort of drama and that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Most recently, a lot of the Duggar family drama has been centered around Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard. They’ve always been kind of a polarizing couple, but so much has come out with Derick’s big mouth. And now fans are worried and wondering if Derick Dillard is cheating on Jill.

A reddit user took to the forum site and speculated that maybe Derick’s recent tweets that spurred controversy were an indication that things were not so good with the relationship. A view of the who posed a question, wondering if Derick was cheating on Jill, and people debated, most landing in agreement that there was some truth to the worry and speculation.

Derick Dillard
Credit: Instagram/JillMDillard

“Jill and Derick have seemed pretty ‘over’ each other since well before Sam’s birth, but Derick seems to really have really gone off the rails lately,” the redditor wrote. “Between his general awfulness and tweeting a whole lot of Biblical quotes about adultery and recent willing association with Turd [Josh Duggar] (more on that in a moment), I could see him finding some sort [of] twisted justification.”

The question continued, “the Dillards were recently seen out to dinner with Turd and Anna. You might remember that Josh recently donated a couple hundred dollars to Derick’s latest missionary scam. At the beginning of “Counting On”, Derick seemed to hate Josh, now he’s breaking bread and accepting money from his wife’s abuser? Anyway, what do y’all think?”

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