Dentist Develops an Easy Product to Help Wean Your Toddler Off Their Pacifier

The pacifier has provided hours of soothing and sucking comfort to infants. Don’t ask me why I didn’t give my babies a soother; I taught them instead how to suck their thumbs. In hindsight, I should have offered a pacifier, and then removed it when they were babies.

For those parents who have given their babies and toddlers a pacifier, there comes a point when it has to go.

According to WebMD, before the age of 2, your baby won’t suffer any long-term damage to her teeth. Any problems that do develop before that time will likely self-correct within six months of kicking the pacifier habit. After age two, problems including slanting teeth can begin to occur. And pacifier use beyond age four, when adult teeth begin to form, can mean long-term dental issues.

An estimated 60 percent of children use pacifiers, but weaning them off of them can be a battle for parents.

So, a Pittsburgh-area dentist has created a solution!

weaning pacifiers
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Wean your toddler off pacifiers in 5 days

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