Demi Moore Reveals She’s Missing Her Two Front Teeth and How They Fell Out Is Scary

I’m sure that the majority of us Hot Moms have our hang ups about our looks or our body. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of person that looks for perfection. But there are certain areas and curves that I would like to improve on. With that being said though, I know it will be a challenge of mine to get a flat stomach for years to come. It hasn’t happened yet, and it sure as heck won’t happen anytime in the near future.

But could you imagine telling the world about your deepest, darkest beauty flaw or secret? Well that’s exactly what Hollywood actress Demi Moore did recently and let me tell you, her fans are shocked. Considering how Demi is one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, we definitely didn’t see this coming.

Demi looking good
Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Demi has been hiding this secret about her appearance for years!

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