Declutter Your Life

Organization expert Laura Leist on the right attitude for combating clutter.

Making a resolution is great, but keeping it and acting on it are even better — and harder. So rather than making a resolution, perhaps we should have “intentions.”For example, the “intention to live an organized life.” Here are a couple of key points to recognize right at the start:

  • Organization is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no right or wrong way. Rather, it’s about creating and maintaining systems that work for you — each day.
  • Organizing is a process, not an event. Chaos and clutter did not magically appear in your life yesterday, and they will not disappear tomorrow. However, the good news is that clutter and chaos acquired over many years can be eliminated more quickly than they were accumulated.

Organizing is not going to be a quick fix to a lifestyle of chaos and clutter. Instead, daily maintenance will be the most important step. Without it, the system will break down and your once-organized kitchen, closet or garage may quickly become cluttered again.

It’s often helpful to compare “losing weight and getting in shape” to “getting organized.” You chose to lose weight because you will look better, feel better and be healthier. You go on a diet, work out and the weight starts to come off. You feel great and look great. However, to stay healthy you need to maintain this new regimen or the pounds you lost will find you again.

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