Debra Danielsen Posts A Sexy Photo To Social Media And Farrah Abraham’s Probably Blushing

Get it, mom!

if you were to pick out a Teen Mom duo that has never really gotten along, but will always be there for each other in the end, there’s only one couple. Farrah Abraham and her mom, Debra Danielsen, have never really seen eye-to-eye. We’ve got to see the ups and downs of their relationship unfold on 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, and now Teen Mom OG. It’s not always been easy, but it seems Debra Danielsen and Farrah Abraham might be more alike than we thought.

For some people, being told you look or act like your mom is a good thing. you feel pride that you’re taking after her and that the two of you can be compared to each other. I do’t think that has to do so much with why you’re being compared, but it speaks more about how you feel about your own mom. If you’re happy to be compared to her, chances are the two of have a great relationship.

But, that’s not really the case if you and your mom don’t get along. If you’re compared to each other it might be like someone pointing out all your flaws, those things that maybe aren’t so bad, but you feel that it is just because you’ve got your own feelings about her.

Well, some people are wondering how Farrah is going to feel about the photo Debra Danielsen just posted… because it’s more like something Farrah would do.

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