Debi DerryBerry AKA Jimmy Neutron

Debi Derryberry may sound like a cartoon name and ironically, she is the voice of one of Nickelodeon’s most famous characters—Jimmy Neutron. “I love Jimmy Neutron,” Debi tells HMC. “I like that he’s confident enough that it doesn’t bother him that he’s a little nerdy. I also love that the focus of the show isn’t violent or foul.”
When Jimmy Neutron work isn’t keeping Debi busy, she also voices Gnocchi from Curious George, Weenie from Oswald the Octopus, and Clay on Playhouse Disney, just to name a few.

As if that isn’t keeping her busy enough, this mom of a seven year old is an author and performer. The book The Adventures of Baby Banana and the Licorice Tree, and her second CD Very DerryBerry, have hit book stores. Already, Debi started on her tour, performing at local bookstores around the country.

“I love to perform,” exclaims Debi as she adds along with playing for fans she, “would love to perform for celebrity birthday parties.”

Voice-over work, CD recordings, writing children’s books–how does she juggle her busy schedule (she’s up at 530a everyday and has fed the chickens, done laundry, and packed her son’s lunch all before 7a)? A couple of things—she works from home and her mom lives next door. “This helps so much and I am so glad we’re going back to this.” Debi says. “We in the United States seemed to get away from the multigenerational living, but now we seem to be going back to it.”

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