Dear Talula: An unusual loveletter from an unusual mother

Now she is busy working to create an Outreach Program using her film to help raise awareness about the importance of self-breast exams and early detection. Her biggest hope is that her daughter does not also have the breast cancer gene. Talula certainly seems to have inherited her mother’s creativity. Although she hasn’t picked up a camera yet, she loves to document her life with her Mom.

“…She loves to make books of her life, things she’s done, her first ski trip,’ or a day in the country’…she has a book of portraits she’s done of family and friends, and of course, she loves ‘dress up’ and being a princess (who doesn’t?).”

Lori doesn’t go to every screening of “Dear Talula” which has been touring the country as part of Luna Fest, a traveling film festival where 10% of the proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Fund. But she is thrilled that it is reaching so many people.

“I got calls from around the world thanking me for demystifying breast cancer,” she tells me.

Not only did the movie record a life changing experience for Lori’s, it has also clearly given her new direction. And she’s not fooling around, in one of our early e-mail exchanges I mentioned that my aunt died of breast cancer, she quickly wrote back,

“Sorry about your aunt. you must do your self breast exams, when I see you I am going to show you the latest most up to date method!”

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