Dear Talula: An unusual loveletter from an unusual mother

“I don’t think you just are one, you definitely become one,” filmmaker and star Lori Benson says while kissing her daughter’s tiny hand a few seconds in to her autobiographical documentary “Dear Talula,” airing on Cinemax October 9th. Check out the trailer

It’s such a disarmingly honest moment, I forgot for that I was watching a documentary about breast cancer and not a feel good new-mommy story. With her scratchy voice and charismatic smile, Lori Benson is, in a word, watchable. As the story of her struggle with breast cancer unfolds, I find myself completely engrossed, not only because I’m a new mother myself, but because I feel I know her. Apparently I am not the only person to have this reaction to her work,

“People watch the movie and tell me what is so compelling about it is that I could be their friend, or their sister.”

Lori Benson could easily be your friend, or sister, or girlfriend, cousin, daughter, or any woman you love. In a movie full of courage, heart and humor, ultimately Lori Benson herself is it’s greatest asset. It is because we are intrigued by her that a movie about breast cancer rarely feels like a movie about breast cancer. Ultimately, it’s a story about perseverance and the effects of a life threatening disease on a family.

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