Dean McDermott Is A Gourmet Dad

Dean McDermott as a Gourmet Dad……. Has a new adventure.. Helping parents create healthy options for your children. Dean explains his owns family journey and how he can help!

As the father of [soon to be] 5 children I have spent years making many different meals for my brood. I have to admit, I was one of those parents who cooked different meals for my different children. I made chicken nuggets for one, made butter noodles for the other, made grilled cheese for the other and so on.
After years of being a short-order cook for my kids I have come to the conclusion that kids are given too many choices. When I was a kid there was one dinner and one dinner only. If you didn’t like what was on the menu, you went to bed hungry. I’m not saying that sending your child to bed with an empty stomach, but the pendulum has completely swung the other way.
We’re giving our children a choice of 4 different breakfast foods, 3 different lunch options, and 4 or 5 dinner options. If you give a child many options, they’re going to take the path of least resistance. It’s human nature. So, if you are going to introduce a new food to your child, you guessed it. They’re not going to like it, or even try it. They’re going to want the easy path. Butter noodles win out over salmon every time.
Well, there’s help. You’ve got me.

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