Why De-Stressing Matters

While stress may get a bad rap, at its core, it’s not all bad for us, says Heidi Hanna, who holds a doctorate in holistic nutrition, and is the author of “Stressaholic.” In fact, Dr. Hanna says stress actually stimulates us to grow in very positive ways. The problems associated with stress come into play when we become stuck in a chronic pattern of stressing without allowing time or energy for adequate recovery.

Why Take a Break?

While a little bit of stress is normal, chronic stress triggers a system-wide inflammatory response that is harmful to our bodies and brains, increasing both heart rate and blood pressure while decreasing our immune functioning. “This makes us much more susceptible to illness, and may even speed up the development of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia,” adds Hanna. So even if you feel like taking time for R & R is seemingly less productive, know that it’s ultimately helping your body fend off illness.

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