Days of Our Lives Soap Star Dishes About Daddyhood

‘Days of Our Lives’ star Bryan Dattilo talks: “How My Son Changed my Life”

Now Bryan and I speak everyday at some point for a few minutes coordinating our son’s schedule, or exchanging funny things he did or said. Today amongst school projects and the whereabouts of his Spiderman lunchbox, I asked Bryan to go a little deeper and reflect on how fatherhood has changed and impacted his life. Having known Bryan pre-baby I can testify as to how much it has matured him and how lucky I feel to have an ex-husband that is a true dad to his son and heavily involved in his life.

How has fatherhood changed you?

“My son probably saved my life…before he was born I was a bit…foolish…at times. Having a child you live for someone else, you have to be a role model and provide for them long term. It really forces you to look in the mirror more and really examine who you are.”

“As you know I am a bit of a neat freak (Bryan would vacuum under the crib and the baby would sleep through it, he was methodical about the diapers, the tape had to match up, and no one could wrap a baby in a perfect burrito blanket like he could)

“I’ve been through stitches, a broken arm, bee sting to the eye with an allergic reaction, spills and more, I’ve come to face that I have to accept things, I have definitely mellowed, just last night Gabe spilled his water all over the bed and I didn’t get upset.”

Gabe looks up to you so much, what is the greatest you think you have taught him?

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