Daycare Worker Who Took A Shovel To The Face To Protect A Child Claims She’s Not A Hero

You might remember when we told you a few weeks ago about daycare owner Martha McClure who endured a horrific beating, including taking a shovel to the face, when she refused to let 3 siblings leave her daycare with their intoxicated father. 

McClure, who lives in Ronan, Montana, spoke to TODAY Parents and revealed that she doesn’t see herself as a hero and that she’s a bit overwhelmed by all the attention!

“To me, it wasn’t heroic. To me, it’s what I’m supposed to do,” McClure told TODAY Parents. “The children in my care — I am their person. I am their momma bear when their mother isn’t there. Did I know he was going to hurt me? Yes. Did I hope he wouldn’t? Sure. Would I do it over again? Definitely.

Well, that statement alone tells me that Martha was a hero, even if she doesn’t want to admit it! According to TODAY McClure suffered several broken bones in her face from the attack and while she still suffers from pain and some vision problems, she was happy that she was able to keep the kids safe.

“They don’t know what all happened. We did the best we could to keep them safe and keep them innocent,” said McClure. “I don’t want (my home) to be a scary place where something scary happened. For most of these kids, my house is their second home.”

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