Daycare Center Shut Down After Owner Is Caught on Camera Abusing a Child

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to get involved when it comes to other people’s children. In fact, I tend to mind my own business, unless of course, I see that the child is in imminent danger or that his or her well-being might be threatened.

But of course at a daycare, it’s a different story. Childcare providers are expected to take care of your children because it’s part of their job. But could you imagine if you found out that the person you hired and trusted enough to take care of your precious child went over the line by abusing him or her? That’s exactly what happened to one family from Omaha, Nebraska when they found out that the person charged with the care of their daughter was harming her.

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The incident was caught on camera and the childcare worker told the little girl to “quit messing with your hair” before…

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