Dax Shepard Hilariously Explains To Ellen How He Explains ‘Santa Claus’ To His 2 Year Old Daughter

Little Lincoln Shepard won’t know what she’s in for this Christmas dsay! Lincoln’s dad, actor Dax Shepard, appeared on the Ellen Show yesterday and explained to the talk show host that he believes in being completely honest with his kids, so when he told Lincoln about Santa Claus he really made sure to let her know what she’s in for. Here’s what he said.

‘I said, ‘There’s gonna be a guy stopping by on Christmas Eve in a red jumpsuit with combat boots, a huge Grizzly Adams beard. He goes by Christopher Cringle or St. Nick,'” he said. “He’s got a lot of aliases, I said, and he’s gonna show up riding a team of endangered animals.”

“He’s gonna park them on the roof then he’s gonna repel in. He’s gonna root around the area for a while, uh, eat some cookies and whatnot. Don’t worry, he’s not diabetic. He looks like it, but it’s OK. And then if you come out, you may find him getting handsy with mom under a mistletoe,” he continued. “So she’s very excited.”

He said Lincoln then asked him if he was married,

“And I said, ‘Ya know, he’s married, but he travels a lot. I don’t know what his real arrangement is. He hangs out with a lot of children— but I guess, they’re his employees, which is also…’ So she’s excited she can’t wait to meet this felon.”

Oh boy, that’s one Santa explanation I’ve never heard! Dax and his wife Kristen Bell are parents to two and a half year old Lincoln and 1 year old daughter Delta, and it sounds like they’re going to have one hilarious Christmas. You can watch Dax’s funny explanation to Ellen on the next page. The explanation starts around the 2:40 mark but the entire video is pretty funny to watch.

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