Woman Has The Best Reaction To Finding Out Her Dad Went Viral For Awkward Photobomb


    We all know that Twitter is often entertaining, but not for one woman. After finding out that her dad went viral for being a bit of a creep, she handled it like a champ. It’s not easy to see your dad’s face on Twitter, but this was so hilarious that she had no choice but to find the humor in it.

    The picture causing all of the hullabaloo is of model Dominique Robinson. After snapping a pic of herself looking cute, she noticed the older man next to her checking her out. So, naturally, her tweet calls him out for being a creeper.

    “Wowwwewww” she writes.

    “What a photobomb”

    Naturally, the tweet began to make it’s way around Twitter. I mean, how could it not? First of all, she looks gorgeous, and secondly, the man is obvious. Like, you can at least try to be a little more discreet sir. And this is why women are constantly anxious walking down the street. Obviously, this man was harmless, he was just looking, but still.

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