Mom Livid After Daughter Comes Home From School With Her Ears Pierced!

Why would anyone think this is OK?

There is nothing that will spark a controversy more than whether or not a child should have pierced ears or not. Seriously, it’s the sort of thing that will divide families and friends. Whether or not a child has pierced ears is a personal decision. No one other than the parents should really have a say in the matter. Especially not a teacher.

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Teachers not only teach our children the fundamentals of education, but they are also role models for our kids. We all have that one teacher we couldn’t live without because they’re just so amazing with our children.

Sometimes however teachers made bad decisions. These decisions can often cause a lot of angst and worry for parents. For every teacher we love and remember forever, there’s one we dislike just as much.

While teachers are around our children all day every day, there is still a line that needs to be drawn between acceptable and unacceptable actions. One mom from Pennsylvania is livid with her daughter’s teacher after her daughter came home from school with pierced ears!

Needless to say, this mom is outraged and has many supporters who feel this teacher crossed the line.

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