17-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Only Has Three Months To Live Due To Deadly Brain Tumor

Here’s her story.

Dana Scatton is 7 months pregnant but doctors have just told her that she has only three months live after finding an incurable rare tumor at the base of her brain. Now, I’ll let that sink in for you. Yes, Dana is 17 years old. Yes, she’s pregnant with her first child. And yes, she might not make it past her child’s first month of life.

As any mother will tell you, the first thing we think of during our pregnancies is if our babies are ok, if they are growing normally and if they are healthy and so on, right? Rarely do we think about ourselves even though we deal with morning sickness and all of the aches and pains that are associated with pregnancies. But for Dana, her situation isn’t like this at all. What she thought were just normal pregnancy symptoms turned out to be much more deadly.

While everyone in Dana’s inner circle of family and friends remain hopeful, unfortunately time is not on her side. Let me warn you that this story is truly heartbreaking but one that needs to be told. Dana’s family – and her baby – need your help. Here’s what you need to know.

All Dana can think of his her baby even though she’s fighting for her own life.

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