Internet Can’t Handle Dad’s Reaction to His Daughter’s Massive Poop Explosion

I’m sure we’ve all seen it before. Massive, gross, disgusting and smelly diaper explosions. Diaper explosions are, for the uninitiated, when a poop (typically one from a newborn or a baby with a sick stomach) escapes the diaper and most often goes up the back and into the onesie area.

Simply put, diaper blowouts are one of the grossest things to deal with. As parents, we are forced to clean it up (because who else will?). But we’ve never seen one as massive as this before. One father documented his daughter’s major blowout on social media and quite frankly, the Internet can’t handle it. You’ve got to see this!

dirty diaper
Credit: Shutterstock/Vishal

This is the worst diaper explosion we’ve ever seen on record.

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