Dad’s Letter To Macy’s Demands A Changing Table In Men’s Restroom

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A Dads need changing tables in public bathrooms, too!!!!  Anthony Dew, is looking out for all the changing-baby-diapers-for-shopping dads everywhere.

Anthony took his 4-month-old son Jeremiah to a Macy’s store location in the Mall at Prince Georges in Hyattsville, Maryland, in early December. He was disappointed to find there were no changing tables in the men’s restroom.

“I couldn’t find a changing table,” he told Fox 5 News in Washington D.C. “At that point I was stuck.”

Anthony Dew and his 4-month-old son, Jeremiah, set out in early December to get some Christmas shopping done.

“Every father knows you’ve got to change the diaper before you get started, I couldn’t find a changing table, at that point, I was stuck because unless the baby is content, you’ve got to have a dry diaper.” said Anthony

He went home and wrote to Macy’s chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren on behalf of all fathers who just need access to changing stations.

“I wrote the letter to the chairman,” he said. “I like to take it to the top.”

And the letter worked. The manager of the store Dew visited was away on a work trip when his bosses contacted him.


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