Dad Under Fire For Insisting His Wife Pay Half The Bills While On Unpaid Mat Leave

I have strong feelings about this.

It’s hard to budget. Adulting in general is tough and when you’re in a partnership, transitioning from two people each with their own income into parents, it’s not an easy transition. The maternity leave in the United States is terrible, most people will tell you, And unpaid mat leave makes it even more challenging. You need time to be able to rest and heal from pregnancy, labor and birth. And to bond with your baby takes time too and the last thing you need to be worried about is your job and paying bills. Going back to work before you’re even physically ready (some people get more time off for other ailments) is not cool.

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Well, hopefully while you are doing the planning and making those decisions your partner is in your corner. That they will help ease the transition into motherhood for you — as you do for them. And on top of that, that they are supportive and insistent on you healing, resting, and bonding with your baby.

Hopefully — that is what is going on. But it’s not always as we discovered.

One dad has come under fire as his wife shared details on their maternity leave problem. He, who according to her, makes enough money to cover her unpaid mat leave… but he is still insisting she cover her half.

And the debate began.

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