Dad Warns Others After His Daughter Nearly Lost Her Toe

When it comes to parenthood, you seriously need a set of eyes in the back of your head because anything can happen at anytime. And as much as I love the baby and toddler stage, your little bundles of joy don’t always tell you why they are screaming their little heads off in the middle of the night or during a trip to the shopping mall at any given second. The hardest part about parenthood is that you have to decipher their screams and figure everything out on your own. If you figure it out, great. If you don’t, hopefully you have a high tolerance for baby screams.

Dad Scott Walker couldn’t figure out why his newborn daughter Molly was crying one afternoon.

baby crying
Credit: Shutterstock/Billion Photos

After going through a standard checklist to try and calm her down, he realized that she was crying because of a very dangerous but common condition.

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