This Father Is Under Fire For Taking His Daughter To The Woman’s Restroom: Is He Wrong?

When you have to go, you have to go!

Lately my husband and I have been doing this thing called “tag team parenting.” He travels a lot for work and I often get sent on trips that force me out of the house for several days at a time. When I am home with the kids, I know that everything is under control. I’ve got it all covered.

But when my husband is home with the kids, I sometimes worry. And it’s not because he’s not a capable father (because he’s a fantastic one), but because fathers do have some limitations they have to deal with in public. I mean, let’s be honest here. Not every father can change a baby’s diaper in a public restroom (because there are no changing tables available for him), strangers are less likely to be accommodating for dads with kids (it’s true) and dads are more often judged then women (like “Why is he sitting at the park in the middle of the day? Is he unemployed?”).

With that being said, I do sometimes think about the entire public bathroom situation. Obviously, as a mom it’s more acceptable to take both your son and daughter to a woman’s restroom when they have to go. But what about dads? Should they be able to take daughters to the men’s restroom?

Here’s what everyone is saying.

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