Dad Shares 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Stay-at-Home Dad

“So You’re a Single Parent or Something?”

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People assume that as soon as you see a father alone with children that he’s single. It’s funny that people aren’t accustomed to seeing a father take his daughters out on his own!

“A strange assumption to make simply because this individual had never met my wife,” he writes.

My husband takes out my boys often without me, if I’m busy working, with friends, or even just to have some “guy time”. It’s weird for people to think that he’s single just because I’m not with him!

“You’re a brave dad.”

Am I a brave mom then for taking the kids out on my own too? Why is it I’ve never heard that comment towards me?

Adams writes he received that comment when he went out on his own with his youngest daughter, a few days after she was born. “It was meant as a compliment, but came across as anything but,” he writes.

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