Dad Shares Photographs Of What Was Lurking Beneath Son’s Car Seat Cover

Hint, you probably have them in your car too

    Kids are messy little creatures. And no one truly realizes that until they go to clean out their car. Recently, a dad took to Reddit to share what he found when he took the cover off his kid’s car seat. And it was hilariously relatable. In the picture, Cheerios are littering the ground.

    Not just a handful, enough for an entire bowl of cereal. The picture has many people raising their hands and saying, “me too.” Also dotting the pile? Goldfish crackers. If this isn’t the realest picture on the internet, I don’t know what is.

    I took the cover off my son’s car seat

    We so often give our kids these snacks to keep them quiet in the car. But obviously, they’re not eating all of them. How often have we found them wedged between the seat, or scattered across the floor. The tan and orange dust permeates everything. I don’t know how it does, but it surely does.

    It’s possible that Cheerios are the devil

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