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By: Danny Evans

Danny Evans, the dad in Dad Gone Mad, once believed there was glory in fatherhood. He was wrong. There is no glory. But there is plenty of humor.

Danny offers is a colorful glimpse into bona fide, in-the-trenches fatherhood. With sharp wit and a healthy sense of self-deprecation, he plods through the havoc and collateral damage wrought by his two young children, The Champ and Barney’s Biggest Fan. And what does he call his wife? Hot Wife, of course.

2006 Best of Blogs winner for Best Daddy Blog. We’re happy to have him aboard in our “Ask a Dad” segment on You may send questions to him through [email][/email] (just use the heading ask Dad Gone Mad).

Julia’s third birthday happened to coincide with a rather striking change in her behavior. My sweet little baby girl had grown into a quite the diminutive little beeotch. She’d strut around the house with her hands on her hips and rage in her eyes and a staunch disdain for authority, the latter of which had Sharon and me teetering on the brink of telling her that if she didn’t shape up quicklike, Barney was going to sneak into her room at night and eat her guts with a rusty spork.

She used to be so loving and gentle towards us. She’d do what we asked. She’d cuddle. She’d mother her dolls so preciously, talking to them through her cute little tongue-thrust and her adorable penchant for pronouncing Ls and Rs like Ws, as in “wunchtime” or “wesbian.”

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