Dad Forces Son To Run To School In The Rain As A Punishment For Bullying

He was kicked off the bus

I don’t know if it’s just because I’m older and have kids of my own or if this is true, but it seems like bullying is a much better issue now than it ever was. Are kids just getting meaner about how they treat other people? Parents, are we letting our kids get away with more stuff than we got away with? Or is all this saturation of bullying just because of social media here we can all hear these stories from different states or countries. We get to see how another mom or dad decides to handle if their child is being bullied. Or if their child is the bully. I’m not sure, but what I can say is I don’t agree with handling the bully in a public manner like social media.

There have been several cases before where moms or dads come under fire for using social media as a way to shame their kids after doing something wrong. The punishment or consequence some parents put on their kids for being a bully starts to sound like bullying on it’s own.

But not everyone agrees with me there. Which is why there’s a debate going on about how this one dad from Virginia, decided to dole out a consequence for his son who he said was being a bully.

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Devan McGuinness

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