Dad Dips Into Kids’ Halloween Candy, Eats Something Terrifying Because Karma Is Hilarious

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Halloween was just a few days ago and while the costumes are long put away, the Halloween candy remains and all the things that come along with it. Kids fighting over who had more in their Halloween candy bag, parents trying to limit the amount of sugar going into their kids. Parents trying to reel in their kids who obviously didn’t listen to the limit we put on how much they could eat so they’re jumping off the walls — literally — and you know that crashing down tantrum is just around the corner.

One of the only things that makes that tolerable for the days to week our kids are haggling about their candy is the fact that when they go to bed, there’s candy in the house. Yes, parents we all do it — steal some of our favorite chocolate and candy out of their bag while they’re sleeping. It won’t harm them, they have enough anyway, and we justify it by telling ourselves that we totally deserve it. And we do because that sugar crash thing is real. And no harm, right?

Well, that wasn’t really the case for one dad who did just that — took some candy from his kid’s Halloween bag after he tucked them in to bed.

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Except there was “harm” in this case — because dad ate something pretty terrifying.

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