How A Dad Deals With Critics!

How A Dad Deals With Critics!

Well, it’s not everyday you can say that you have spent the last month going viral all round the globe! We were featured in the US, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, India and of course, my homeland, the UK. 

My name is Al and I’m new to Hot Moms Club!!   It is nice to meet you all. I’m 26 and have a gorgeous baby boy with my equally (if not a little more) gorgeous wife. Although I’m not technically a ‘hot mom’ she certainly is and more than enough for the both of us! Mind you, if there was a hot dads club, I’d definitely be in that! 😉

Last month a picture of my son poo’ing on myself went viral all round the world. I initially posted the picture on my blog The Dad Network and it got picked up from there .Viralphoto

We had thousands and thousands of new visitors to the blog, many of whom have signed up for our monthly newsletter, liked us on Facebook or followed us on twitter & Instagram. We featured in some of the biggest online magazines and newspapers on the face of the planet and millions of people have shared our photo across their own social media pages. The nature of viral ‘ness’ is that things come and go and we’re now in the ‘go’ stage.

Things have quietened down and it’s time to reflect a little. We read so many positive comments about how wonderful this photo is, especially as there are so many negative images and news flying around the internet.

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Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is 26 and lives in Kent in the UK. He is married to his gorgeous wife (and hot mom), Jen and now has a brand new baby boy called Ted. Al runs a blog called The Dad Network, showing a dad’s perspective on parenting. The Dad Network aims to promote and encourage the role of dads within family life; right from the moment you see the blue line on the pregnancy test, through the life changing experience of labour and right into full blown parenthood. The Dad Network hopes to share information, provide light humour and tell stories, all to promote and encourage dads to be dads. Check out the blog and be sure to following social media.

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