Dad Calls out Church Double-Standard and to His Surprise, They Made It Right

I guess I can say that I’m pretty blessed to have married a man who doesn’t mind changing a dirty diaper, wiping away spit up or taking a mop out to clean up a dirty mess when he’s called to do so. In other words, nothing really phases him and I’m pretty sure that he changed just as many diapers as I did when our children were babies.

But did he ever really change diapers when we were out and about? Not really, but I wouldn’t say it was because he didn’t want to. It was because he didn’t have a place to do it.

Thankfully, there are fathers out there that want to change that. They want more facilities to provide them with the means to change a diaper, feed their baby or heck even give them space to get their wiggles out when they need to. One father and blogger Clint Edwards took matters into his own hands when he didn’t have a place to change his baby’s diaper while he was at a church service. So here’s what he did.

diaper changing station
Credit: Shutterstock/ JIRATIKARN PENGJAIYA

Fathers are paving the way, one diaper at a time.

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