Dad Arrested for Confiscating His Teenaged Daughter’s Phone

A dad took away his 12-year-old daughter’s cell phone as a punishment was acquitted of the misdemeanor theft charge.

A judge overseeing the case found Ronald Jackson not guilty because she said the state had failed to provide sufficient evidence.

Channel 8 in Dallas reports it all stems from an incident in 2013 when Jackson took his daughter’s cell phone after finding inappropriate texts toward his new wife. His daughter, Skylar, admitted, “I was texting one of my friends and I said I was here at my dad’s house with him and his ‘ratchet’ daughter and wife.”

A few hours later, he says, police showed up at his door and asked for the iPhone 4. The mother of Jackson’s daughter said she owns the phone and reported it stolen. Her new husband is a police officer there.

Jackson fought the citation for theft and won but ended up losing contact with his daughter.

“To be able to stand up for my rights, that’s one thing. I’m glad I did that,” Jackson said. “But I’m not glad that it’s completely severed my contact with my daughter. She wrote me a letter — sent it to me on Valentine’s Day — that she didn’t want me to be her father anymore.”

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