Father Fatally Shoots Daughter While Teaching His Son’s a Lesson About Gun Safety

Call me crazy, call me naïve, or just call me a plain ignorant, but I still dream of living in a gunless society each and every day. While I know that there are plenty of moms out there who are gun-totting mamas who feel that they need to carry it for their family’s safety, I just wish that we could eradicate them all together. And even though I know it’s not realistic, it’s still something I can’t help but wish for.

With that being said, so many parents are absolutely shocked, disgusted and horrified over this recent news story of what a father did while trying to teach his sons about gun safety. This is so tragic that I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Police tape
Credit: Shutterstock

This father sobbed while reporting his shooting to a dispatcher on the phone…

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