Cut It Out (and other gift wrapping issues)


My daughter loves her scissors. Most of the time, she loves them from afar. After all, she’s under 3 and still learning the difference between paper and clothing (not to mention fingers). But sometimes, on those wondrous days, I let her use them. Although it panics me, I know that if I hand her a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, she’ll be good to go for any sort of project I have lined up. Especially those projects that are more functional than fun. Like gift-wrapping.

‘Tis the season. The time of the year where gifts galore need wrapping. The season to fight with your child about why she can’t have all the presents that you bought for her friends. Why she can’t pull out a four-foot long piece of tape off the Scotch dispenser and wrap it around the dog. Why she has to keep the spools of ribbon away from the cat because…well…you know what cats do with ribbon and where you’ll find it later.

But there are ways to get your kids into the spirit of gift-wrapping (or at least keep them involved while you’re creating masterpiece mysteries of ribbons and bows). Think outside the gift box and try to appeal to what they love and this chore will become a fun time together.

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