Critics Are Outraged at Christina El Moussa for This Mommy-And-Daughter Photo

I’m not a huge fan of matching clothes for my kids, other people’s kids or even partners and spouses. I mean, sometimes it’s cute and sometimes it’s just a tad bit weird. I really can’t help but wonder if some people dress their kids in matching clothes so they can better identify them in public or if they just want them to be void of any personal individuality. I know of a lot of adults who absolutely hated wearing the same clothes as their siblings while growing up, yet people still do it to this day.

But to each their own, right?

Yet a lot of people are heavily criticizing HGTV star Christina El Moussa and her recent mommy-and-me photo shoot with her daughter Tay.

Christina El Moussa
Credit: Instagram/@christinaelmoussa

Was Christina El Moussa’s photoshoot with her daughter Tay inappropriate?

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