Katherine Fugate Creator of Army Wives talks to HMC

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

getting what you wantKatherine Fugate Creator of Army Wives talks to HMC.  Katherine Fugate is a woman who knows hard work.  While making her way in Tinsel town, this single mother worked as a Chinese Food delivery person, sold CD’s on the sidewalk, and when money became very tight, she lived on eating only one 99 cent burrito.

The creator of the Lifetime Original Series Army Wives tells HMC that the journey to get here was only one of many adventers in her life and it wasn’t the struggle with money, but herself and her creative spirit that could have discouraged her.

She starts our interview with about the show with, “We’ve all worked hard to honor the lives of these (military wives) women, so I’m so happy to be here.”

Then we get right to it.

(1) Why do you think this show hit such a nerve right now?

It’s my belief we’ve touched a nerve because we deliberately hit a nerve.

We tell our war-peppered stories from the most humanistic point of view possible: from the heart.

Some may call that the female perspective of war, but to me, it simply means we’re bypassing the traditional imagery of war on the battlefield, by concentrating on the personal relationships of our military families that are left behind.

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