Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Summer is finally here and it is time to escape to the backyard…  lets the kids swim … grab a glass of wine and pretend we live in Nantucket? Wouldn’t you if you could? Plus check this out!!! I just heard that World Market has a an amazing special deal called…. The Buy and Fly in Store promotion. If you spend $20 you can get a 15% coupon for a discount on Southwest! 

We decided it was time to take a trip over to World Market and Check out what we could get and not break the bank! What we love best is it is like little snippets of merchandise from around the world. A lot of  things to peak your interest, ranging from large items like middle eastern furniture, to small kiddie toys from Japan. Exotic snacks, and cookies from the East, to a giant plethora of wine from everywhere! Let’s also not forget that they have an amazing rewards program and  they have constant discounts!

We love that you can find some fun items that are not so Matchy/Matchy but still fit together and you can create your own sense of style!

This platter will look so dlish with assorted Mini Sliders and Grilled Veggies!!!


I am always looking for my POP! The one piece you wouldn’t expect near the table! LOVE these Red Candle Holders and that they have great Flameless Candles!

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